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Wednesday, 31 December 2014

What I got for Christmas

Hello lovelies, hope you all had a fabulous Christmas and are, like me, still clinging on to the festive spirit despite the tinsel becoming droopy and the celebrations tin now being full of nothing but mars and bounty's (seriously, those things would survive a nuclear apocalypse of the chocolate world.)

Here are a few of the gifts I was lucky enough to receive this year, I've really enjoyed reading all your posts so I thought I'd share my lovely presents.


I got this lovely Lush gift set from Dan's dad and step mum, and true to it's candy box name, it's full of sweet treats that are going to have me smelling somewhere between a bag of pick and mix and the sugar plum fairy for the foreseeable future.

You know when you see something and think 'that is so me'? This bag is me. Very, very me. After 7 or 8 Christmases together, Dan is well aware most things with a heart print will go down extremely well, and this super cute satchel didn't disappoint. I should probably have a grown up handbag full of grown up things, but to hell with that, this will hang off my shoulder with childish pride.

And to go in my hearty bag, is this gorgeous purse, from my sister Ciara. I pointed this out months ago, and being the more organised of the two of us, she bought it there and then, so it was one of those presents you forgot you asked for (I love those.) It has a lovely polka dot print inside and I was long overdue a new one, as my battered primark one was failing in both style and substance.

I have the loveliest parents anyone could wish for, and I feel so lucky to still be being bought presents at my age! I picked these three items off of my beauty wishlist, to save them the stress of not knowing what to get me. The 195 is changing my life already, like I knew it would. I am smitten. 

Like all girls I'm always pleased to receive a candle with the yankee stamp on it, as you know it's going to smell amazing. Dan chose well with this super sweet offering, I am grateful to have a fiance who doesn't mind a very feminine scented home!

This was a surprise from my sister, and I coincidentally got her something quite similar - we must share a love for a good hot chocolate. I am so excited to try the white chocolate flavoured one, and the mug is gorgeous.

I was like a bee to a honey pot when I saw this bow shaped bottle on display in debenhams, could it be any prettier? It's 'bon bon' by viktor and rolf, I hadn't tried any of their other scents, this was purely an aesthetic attraction to begin with! It smells delicious, really sweet and floral. With a little gentle reminding, Dan remembered how enamoured I was with it, and it was waiting underneath the tree for me.

Cats on a peter pan collar. Cats, on a peter pan collar. Have you ever seen anything so wonderful? I knew I hadn't when I spied this on and put it at the top of my suggestion list for Dan to choose a few bits from. The peach colour just makes me love it more, I can't wait to wear it non stop post bump!

I just really, really like cats, ok? Gemma Correll's illustrations and spot on depiction of cats 'meh' attitude made this my must have for organising my life in 2015, thanks mum and dad!

I hope you all have a wonderful new years eve, I'll be thinking of you all out partying as I iron baby clothes, drink hot chocolate and try my best to make it to midnight - it's way past my pregnancy bedtime!

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