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Sunday, 7 December 2014

Pregnancy favourites

I thought I'd share a few of the products that I've loved throughout the last 7 and a half months. Pregnancy for me, has largely been totally wonderful and without any major complaints. But it can be a little uncomfortable, and whilst no product can stop you crying over running out of bread, or needing a wee every 5 minutes, there are a few that can make the whole experience a little more enjoyable and comfortable, and here are those that have done for me.

 Palmers cocoa butter original formula | £5.89 | Link

First up is a bit of an old classic, loved by generations of mums to be, Palmers cocoa butter is most ladies go to for warding off stretch marks and keeping their skin supple during pregnancy. As a bonus it also makes your bump (and any other area you use it on) smell absolutely delicious. I'm now 34 weeks pregnant and have used this near enough every day. I doubt I'll get off totally scot free, but touch wood I haven't got a single stretch mark yet, and given that I suffered with them in my teens, I think this may be a little bit of a miracle worker. Oh and it comes in a pump bottle, which is always a bonus, because I'm lazy.

Elizabeth Arden eight hour cream | £22.10 | Link

On top of an unquenchable thirst, my lips have been really dry pretty much since day one of my pregnancy. I tried various lipbalms but never found any of them were long lasting enough. This is always spoken so highly of by beauty editors as a wonder product, so I thought I'd pick one up. True to it's word, this really relieves dry chapped lips and doesn't need to be reapplied very often, which is a real plus. The only downside is it has a slightly medicinal taste, but I wouldn't say it's overpowering or unpleasant. 

Your pregnancy week by week | £15.99 | Link
First time parent guide | £9.09 | Link

They say no-one writes a book on kids, but I found the Waterstones parenting and pregnancy sections utterly overwhelming, so I'm not quite sure where 'they' have been shopping. Dan, my fiance, purchased the pregnancy one way back when baby Wright was no more than a pea sized secret, and it was a lovely read during the early days. It gives you a blow-by-blow, week-by-week guide to what your little miss or mister is up to, how they're growing, and how you can expect to be feeling. It's a really comprehensive guide and leaves nothing to the imagination, this does get a little scary towards the end when there's a lot of talk of birth canals - but it's always good to be prepared.

After an anxious chat full of 'but how will I just know?!'s with my mum, ever the excited nan-to-be, she very kindly ordered the first time parent guide for me, to quell the doubts she couldn't, after all, it's been over twenty years since she had a newborn on her hands! This book is amazing. Really, I can't praise it enough. As a mum-to-be, there is nothing more annoying than someone telling you you'll just 'know' or to 'trust your instincts.' I've never been in charge of a tiny human and I'll admit, the thought sometimes terrifies me. It has guides on bathing, feeding, clothing, as well as going into considerable detail as to what will happen after you've given birth, whereas a lot of books on pregnancy only take you up until the final push. It's reassuring without being patronising, a great go-to guide for first time mums and dads.

Neals Yard mother organic collection | £35 | Link

This set came with a third item, a really beautiful bath soak, so beautiful I'd used the lot by the time I was barely into my second trimester, so sadly I couldn't feature it in the photo. This was another gift from my lovely parents, a set of all natural treats for the mum to be. Packed with essential oils, all the products are full of goodness for you and your bump. As well as a bath soak, there is a massage oil - which I like to use when guilting Dan into easing my back pain, and a 'mothers balm' which is designed to reduce stretch marks and keep your bump looking lovely. The product is hard rather than like a lotion, and takes a little work to get it out of the tub, rather like a hair oil. I love using it after a bath, as it sinks in fantastically to warm, damp skin.

Cadbury dairy milk chocolate buttons | £2 

Finishing on a bit of a silly one, but I thought it'd be nice to mention cravings, and god I have got through more packets of these than I care to remember whilst pregnant. There's an old wives tale that says sweet for a girl, savoury for a boy, and my pregnancy has been very true to that. Along with these, I've been mad for skittles, hot chocolate and all manner of other sweet treats!

Have you used any of these products, or what ones did you find helpful during your pregnancy?

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