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Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Dove pure care dry oil

I'd read great stuff about the Dove hair care dry oil online and was delighted to find it on half price in Superdrug when I'd just run out of my usual serum. At only £4.95 I gathered I had nothing to lose. I was enamoured as soon as I opened the box, as this comes in a glass bottle - and I'm a sucker for a glass bottle. I'm sure that sounds strange, and I don't know why I like them so much, as dropping this bottle in particular would be both messy and dangerous, but it makes the product seem so much more luxurious.
It has a pump top which is great for dispensing a small amount of product, which is key with an oil, as too much can cause even the driest hair to look flat and a little greasy. The instructions advise to use it as a nourishing pre wash treatment, or on damp hair prior to styling. I opted for the latter, and after washing, worked about four pumps through the mid lengths and ends of my hair.
This stuff smells amazing. Totally, edibly, amazing. More like a perfume than a hair product, it's enriched with macadamia oil and to me - smells like holiday's - if that makes sense! It claims to help 'replenish lipids, soften and leave hair with added shine.' And I think it absolutely lives up to all of those promises. My normally dry and brittle hair feels quenched and looks infinitely healthier after styling. I will definitely be re-buying this when I run out.
Have you tried Dove hair care? What are your favourite products from the range?

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