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Thursday, 27 November 2014

Christmas jumper nail art

Are these allowed yet? I guess the very pedantic (and the bah humbugs) would say no, that any Christmas decor, on the hands or elsewhere should be reserved for December alone. But as someone who's been known to watch Home Alone in September, for me, November is not a moment too soon for festive fingernails.

I took inspiration from the masses of fair isle knits flooding the high street, and these weren't as tricky as I thought they'd be, largely thanks to my Barry M nail art pen - which I can't praise enough. It's ergonomic and flows really well - it's certainly put to bed my old method of cocktail sticks and drippy varnish bottles! 

I then sealed with a top coat and finished off by using the Barry M corrector pen to tidy up the edges. It has a specially designed nib to clean the edges of the nail, without smudging any of your handy work. 

How are you prepping for the festive season?

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