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Friday, 3 October 2014

The one.

Carrie Bradshaw spent ten years chasing hers, Noah knew all his life that Allie was his, Ross and Rachel were always each others, even when they were on a break.

Ahh, The One. Capital T, Capital O. That elusive feeling when you 'just know,' when things fit together perfectly, when life without them seems unimaginable. But I'm not talking about the male of the species, no, I'm talking - foundation.

I'd been living a lie up until early this year, when I thought my skin was oily, only to be told by a
make up artist at Bobbi Brown that it was in fact dry. Pregnancy has also made it sensitive and at times sore, and so after a rehaul of my skincare routine, I wanted a foundation that quenched my skins thirst, blurred my acne scars, and most of all - matched my very pale skin. Not much to ask for, eh?

On a recent trip to Bluewater, I found myself wandering the John Lewis beauty hall, and after a conversation about my skin sensitivity with a lovely make up artist, I went home with a little pot labelled 'creme smooth - porcelain ivory.' With the advice a little goes a long way, and it should last me about a week. I took this with a pinch of salt as I do have the tendency to be a bit heavy handed with foundation. However, it was an unbelievable three weeks until I had to revisit the counter and buy a full size jar. This stuff really lasts.

If the saying goes that the course to true love never runs smooth, then Laura Mercier is an exception to that rule, true to it's name, creme smooth goes on like velvet. Having tried a buffing brush to begin with, I prefer to apply this with a real techniques sponge, as it works the product in more gently. Up until now I'd thought glowing skin nothing but a myth made up by magazine advertising but this foundation actually makes me glow. Not glitter, or shimmer, just glow. And best of all it sits beautifully on my horribly dry nose. I'd say this shade is near enough perfect for me, and I love that I don't look chalky or washed out like I have with other brands.

The full size product comes in a glass jar with a twist lid, which I admit isn't what I'd choose for convenience. However it does give the product a certain feel of opulence, fitting for it's £41.50 price tag. Not the sort of money I'd part with easily, but what can I say, when I found creme smooth, I just knew...

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